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What We Do

The Chamber of Commerce is an organization through which business and professional people work together for the common good of the community. We gathers statistics, prints brochures about our community, visits new businesses, answers questions, dispenses information, and advertises what a great place our area is to work, live, and enjoy life. A better community means better business conditions and we do whatever we can to ensure that economic conditions are at a level where businesses will risk their resources in hopes of making a profit. A profitable business will provide jobs and produce wealth to finance all the needs that make a thriving community.

Who We Are

Our members are local business owners working together with concerned members of our community who have a vision of a  thriving and vibrant region. A place where we can raise our families with the assurance that our children will be well educated, have bright futures, and abundance job opportunities without ever leaving Northeastern Oklahoma.
The Wagoner area Chamber of Commerce has always, and will continue, to operate with the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors and pledge to always remain focused and accountable to our mission.

Our Mission

The mission of the Wagoner Chamber of Commerce is to support and strengthen the business, professional, and industrial communities to encourage the development of new enterprises and to advocate for our membership; all of which improves the quality of life in the community.


Thank You!

To all our sponsors

The Wagoner area Chamber of Commerce sponsors are the backbone of our organization. A special thank you to everyone that donated not only with financial generosity, but time and effort as well. It is your commitment to excellence has made the Wagoner area Chamber of Commerce a continued success.

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Join Us Now!

Help us make Wagoner a safe, strong and economically viable community. A place where our children can envision a bright and prosperous future!

Wagoner Area Chamber of Commerce

Officers & Members


Debbie Brewster
John and Barbara Chandler
David and Paula Templeton
Cyrina Lang
Frank Stephens
Larry Morgan
Ashawna Miles
Elsie Costigan
Senator Kim David
Craig and Marilyn Tubb
Janie Dodd
Paula Jones
Dan Fredman
Jim H. Gladden
Bob and Barbara Hill
Gary Huggins
Nancy and Al Hurley
Beverly and Marion Lee
Carl Meyer
Ann Skelton
Regina Harris
Sandy Hodges

Brenda Barney
Denise Bosco
Megan Boyd
Barbie Chandler
Glen Clark
Bob Haley
Crystal Henson
Gary Huggins
Roger Hughes
Rachel Jackson
Cyrina Lang
Beverly Lee
Larry Peters
Wade Rousselot
Ann Skelton
Tabitha Smith
Paula Templeton
Kim Witten
Christy Yoder

“A.J.” Jones

Randy Harris
Charlie Burns

2018 Officers

Brenda Barney, Presdient

Kim Witten, First Vice President

Gary Huggins, Second Vice President

Rachel Jackson, Treasurer

Charles Adams

Brenda Barney

Denise Bosco

Megan Boyd

David Buse

Mike Cantrell

Elsie Costigan

Michelle Dallis

Louise Easter

Dan Freedman

Kevin Grover

Bob Haley

Jeff Hamilton

Debie Hamilton

Jimmy Leopard

Diane Lancaster

Cyrina Lang

Larry Morgan

Frances Moore

Eric Schnee

Stacey Showman

Tabitha Smith

Missy Smith

Frank Stephens

Charlette Swenson

Brandon Tate

Paula Templeton

Craig Tubbs

Kim Witten

Eric Yoder