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How Wagoner Got it’s Name

Wagoner received its name from Henry “Bigfoot” Wagoner, a dispatcher with the Katy Railroad in Parsons, Kansas who decided that a switch was needed for the railroad at Wagoner. His request was granted and the switch was built. When it was announced that the switch was ready, Wagoner had its name.

Interesting Historical Facts About Wagoner

  • Wagoner was the first incorporated town in Indian Territory in January 1896
  • Wagoner had the first public school in Indian Territory, 1897
  • Wagoner had a Quarter horse whose record has not been broken. (Mr. Bar None.)
  • Wagoner had five hotels called the “Wooden Ladies”
  • Wagoner had five railroad companies: The Katy, M.K.T.Southern Pacific, Wichita Falls, Northwestern,  and Louis-Francisco.
  • The Pharmaceutical Association held its’ first annual meeting in Wagoner, 1896
  • Wagoner has fifty-two building on the National Historical Register
  • Wagoner saw a lot of action during the Civil War: Battle of Flat Rock, Battle of Honey Creek, and Battle of Blue Mound.
  • Wagoner had a bottling plant for purity soft drinks.
  • Wagoner had its own brick factory.
  • The St. James Episcopal Church is the oldest Episcopal Church still in use. It was built in 1894 and has been moved three times in the same block.


Points of Interest

The "Must See's in our area


Below are but a few of the many of the historical homes and other points of interest in the Wagoner area. Be sure to stop by the Historical Museum for a complete list of the “Must See” places around our quiet little community. Be sure to utilize the “Google Street View Helper” located in the lower right hand corner of the map. Just right click and drag the little man icon to the any location on the map for a street level view.

Wagoner Historical Museum 122 S Main Street

Cobb Building - 1885 - 203 E Cherokee St,

John W. Gibson House - 1896 - 402 S. McQuarrie

Collin McKinney House - 1900 - 1106 SE 7th St,

Wagoner National Guard Armory - 1938 - 509 E. Cherokee St

St. James Episcopal Church - 1894 -

Frederick Parkinson House - 1897 - 407 3rd St., NE

Koweta Mission Site - 1843 - 1 mile (1.6 km) south of Coweta off State Highway 58B

The Pink House Restaurant - 804 E Cherokee St