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Number of owners/Managers/Employees

  • 3 or less – $125.00 per yr.
  • 4-8 – $155.00 per yr
  • 9-13 – $185.00 per yr.
  • 14-24 – $245.00 per yr.
  • 25-36 – $305.00 per yr..
  • 36-50 – $365.00 per yr.

Note: 2 part-time employees = 1 Full-Time Employee

Financial Institutions – $605.00 PER YR.
Utilities – $400.00 per yr.
Individual Membership (under 55) $45.00 per yr.
Individual Couple (under 55) $60.00 per yr.
Senior Membership (55 or over) $27.50 per yr.
Senior Couple (55 or older) $38.50 per yr.
Nonprofit Membership (Churches, civic organizations, ect..) – $60.00 PER YR.
Political Organizations – $85.00 PER YR.

In consideration of the work of the Wagoner Area Chamber of Commerce, I/we agree to invest for the balanced growth and development of the Wagoner area according to the Board of Director’s approved investment schedule. The Applicant and sponsor (if applicable) to complete the following:

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